"If you love someone the best thing you can do is take a chance."

Pierre Flores

I Believe

I believe in the power of love,

the crushing depression of heartbreak,

the importance of truth and honesty,

the importance of individuality,

the hunger for knowledge and intelligence,


But I don’t believe in the lies of society and economy,

I believe in life after death,

I believe in the difference between heaven and hell,

I believe in God’s word and truth,

commission, faith, possibilities,

And I believe in that if you love someone the best thing to do is take a chance. (longest)

My personal credo

       I believe that loving someone is a very powerful thing. That being truthful and honest in every state of being is important and essential. Hunger for knowledge and intelligence has a very critical state in your life. That we are all equal,different,and unique at the same time.

       I’ve had very hard situations in life where you feel that there is no hope in any form of fashion. The trials and tribulations in my life have been expressed through measly stanzas and simple words. I had to learn that there is peace and tranquility through God and how he has effected my life and gave me so many things to be joyful about and I don’t have to worry about anything.

         I love a lot of people, many of them don’t know that but I do love them. I’ve experienced so much heartbreak through my young adolescent years of life and you learn that there is no point in loving someone but I do because no one needs to feel like their alone and not loved. I do the best to make people feel welcome and I want them to adapt so I always remember these things that can help people.

          My encounters in life have been really normal ;there was a point in my life when I had a lot of rebelling blood inside me. When I had a problem with cleaning my room or something like that I would always tell my mom or dad “I don’t wanna clean it.” or “Can I just do it another day?”. As I started knowing what I was doing was wrong and that I need to show more compassion and love towards people and also take responsibility for my actions.

         I have a lot of stuff I’ve been through and this credo is just the significance of what I did to cope with my actions and change myself. People have many other kinds of ways to deal with themselves ,I personally used this but they may use something else to cope with themselves. Mine probably won’t help them only if they have the same mind set as I do. I had a great benefit from this because it makes you think of what you’ve done and helps you realize what you have become and this can be beneficial to others if they know what they’re mind is set on.  

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