Bungalow House Plans With A Wide Veranda In The Front Of The House

Shelter is a very important basic necessity, which should be developed to provide great comfort. Bungalow house plans are designed to suit the location as well as the personalized needs of the owner. The majority of plans include 1story whereas others can have 2, as well. They resemble warm cottages and are small in area. The roof line is usually blazed with a low slung roof. These house plans originally derived from western areas of the United States, but instantly drew interest from northern and southern area families. Bungalows generally had wide verandas wrapping around or across the front of the house providing supplementary family gathering areas.

The plans come in an array of sizes from compact, small plans perfect for inner city lots to sprawling, large plans, which take advantage of country places. Thus, bungalows can be considered perfect suitable floor plans for any kind of homeowner, including single, married, old, young, small, or large families. The popularity of bungalow house plans is the result of the desired accessibility of having all the main living areas on one floor. In some instances, there may be absence of stairs that make these floor plans suitable for those people who are aged and are confined to a wheelchair, or have restricted mobility.

Larger bungalow plans have become very popular among people. These plans provide families with designs, which include more elaborate spaces in which they can relax, engage, or entertain. Generally, these larger plans can include independent wings to enable privacy between active living spaces and bedroom areas. Active living spaces might now include game rooms, mini gyms, hobby spaces, and home theaters, as well. Full basement bungalows with completely developed basement areas are very common in these designs. The bungalows that need more roof area and foundation on a per unit basis as compared to the similar living space in a 2 story are more expensive to construct. Bungalows can be designed in a number of exterior architectural styles.

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