White-lipped Peccary

Selina Sanchez & Carmen Swies~3rd Period

Adult White-lipped Peccary

White-lipped Peccary (Tayassu Pecari): It is a hairy, small animal that is a cross between a Hog and a Pig.

Habitat: A White-lipped Peccary lives in the Atlantic forest across Central and South America. They can be found in Brazil and 17 other countries from South-East Mexico to Northern Argentina.

Niche: The White-lipped Peccary's diet consists of fruits, seeds, leaf stems, or other animal parts. Their main predators are Jaguars, Puma, and potentially Boa Constrictors.

Why is it endangered?: This species main threats are deforestation and hunting. The loss of their habitat can also lead to poachers. Their population ranges between 0.43 and 10.9 individuals per square km - but is rapidly falling by about 30% per generation. It is listed under near threatened. They are losing more and more every year.

This species has to be 13 years old to have babies, and they usually have 2 babies at a time.