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When making your first approach to a potential supplier, you need to make a good impression. You mustavoid disclosing that you are new to the business or that you are a sole trader. Always give yourself abusiness name even if you do not have one registered. Also an important trick of the trade is that youshould never ask what their MOQ is because that will immediately identify you as small fry. They willtell you their MOQ soon enough.Here is an example of an email for making first visualsuite review . You will note that the supplier contact isaddressed as “Mr.” Don’t use first names until you have established a good relationship or they havebegun to use your first name.NOTE: Giving yourself a title such as Purchasing Manager leaves open the possibility of later blaming asuperior for insisting upon placing a small initial order for testing or market trial purposes. It isacceptable to refer to your visualsuite review  as your boss.

If making your inquiry through the contact form on a B2B website, you may need to embellish yourstory a little. This should not include claiming that you are planning to place very big orders. Thecontact forms often require you to state expected order quantity. Do not put any figure there. Mostnewcomers prefer to use the B2B website contact forms, so in 10.4 I have prepared step by stepinstructions on how to complete those forms.

13.1 Samples.At some stage before placing an order you must obtain a sample, or if you are able to visit the supplier,there is no better way than to see the actual product. This is because in these days of Photoshop imagesyou cannot believe everything you see in print or online.You will appreciate that many people contact Chinese companies in the hope of getting freebies or at thevery least a cheap single visualsuite review . This makes Chinese companies wary and many will charge for samples,usually with a proviso that if you order a commercial quantity, they will deduct the cost of the sample. Ifthey do not suggest that, you could ask them to do so before you order your sample.Even if they provide a free sample, they will usually ask you to pay courier charges. For them this servestwo purposes. First it shows that your inquiry is a genuine commercial one, and secondly, because theyexpect you to quote your courier account number, it proves that you are in fact in business. Find out thepackage weight and dimensions, and if you have a courier account number, check with your courierexactly how much they will charge for a freight collect door to door delivery from the dispatch location(which city) in China to you, for the package. Their price must include customs clearance and must be in

writing. See Chapter 4 - Freight.Once you pick your jaw up off the floor after seeing the quote, ask the supplier how much they wouldcharge for a pre-paid package if you pay the supplier in advance. Bank fees will be expensive, and the

supplier may want to charge you for their bank fees also, but in many cases the total cost will be muchless than what you would pay your courier for a freight collect delivery. If the supplier accepts paymentvia PayPal or credit card, you will probably be in luck. If you do not have a courier account, you can stillplead that freight collect charges are outrageous and see if they will accept pre-payment from you asabove. Alternatively you could tell them that all your suppliers pre-pay the freight and that is why youdo not have an account.When the supplier quotes you for the total including courier or airmail charges, check to see how muchthose charges should be. Often suppliers will try to make a big profit out of the freight. You can get agood idea of airmail rates through the Hong Kong Posts Office at Checking courier rates on your local courier servicewebsite will show you the absolute maximum charge, which will almost certainly be much more thanwhat the supplier will pay.If you can wait, ask the supplier to ship via China Post. It will take 3 to 4 weeks, but the cost is very low.Be sure to get them to confirm the postage charge before they ship.Often the best approach is to either choose a small range of their products and place a sample order, oreven place a sample order for $100 or $200 worth of the particular item that interests you. They willthen prepay freight, and you could well receive some saleable items for little more money than a singlesample plus freight would have cost you. When doing this, you must make it very clear that this is asample order to enable you to evaluate the product.


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