"The Land Down Under"

Australia's Prime Minister, Julia Gillard.

The primary language of Australia is English, although they do have different groups living within their borders that speak different languages. Australia's main religion is the Protestant branch of Christianity.

One Australian dollar equals one dollar and five cents in U.S. dollars.


smoked salmon salad is a traditional Australian food.

Aboriginal children in thier traditional body paint as clothing.

These are examples of modern Australian clothing.

Traditional rhythm instruments

This is a traditional Aboriginal dance group in Australia.

This is a picture of the Australian Outback

This is a traditional Aboriginal housing.

This is a modern Australian suburb home in Sydney, Australia.

**Famous things from Australia**

(above)Steve Irwin- The Crocodile Hunter
(Below)The Irwin family (from left to right) Terri, Steve, Bob, Bindi.

The 2000 Sumer Plympics were held in Sydney Australia.

Chris and Liam Hemsworth.
Chris is famous for being the Avenger Thor. Liam has been in many movies but is famous for his role as Gale in the Hunger Games Series.

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