Principles of the Declaration BY: John Mckennon
unalienable rights and government by consent

Unalienable rights the natural rights humans have been given when they’re born. Government by consent is the people giving the government permission to be governed

Jefferson said as fixed rights given to us by the creator rather than the government.

Why does the government need consent ?

Without the consent of the people the government rules by force creating a dictatorship. also like in world war 2 hitler was a dictator over Germany.

protectors of our unalienable rights

The government protects are unalienable rights.

The rights are still true today

If someone gets into trouble they will have to go to court just like everyone else, if you steal and get caught you go to court, if you murder someone you go to court. We all have the same rights as humans.

Yes these matter to me because:

  • We can use them every day
  • Guaranteed right in what we say we want

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