Thurgood Marshall


-Thurgood Marshall was born July 2 ,1908 in Baltimore , Maryland and he died on January 24 , 1993 In Bethesda , Maryland. He had been married twice his first wife was Vivan Burey they were married from 1929 – 1955 . His second wife Cecillia Suyat they were married from 1955 – 1993. He had two children by Cecillia Suyat. Their names are Thurgood Marshall Jr and John Marshall. Thurgood Marshall’s name was originally spelled Throughgood but he shortened it to Thurgood in second grade because he disliked spelling it. He attended Fredrick Douglass High School in Baltimore. He graduated a year early in 1925 with a B-Average. He Then went to Lincoln University. He didn’t take his first few years serious but when he married Vivan in 1929 he took his studies serious. He then graduated from Lincoln University with honors Bachelor of Arts.He won his first major civil rights case on 1936. President John F Kennedy appointed him to the United States Court Of Appeals For The Second Circuit in 1961. He remained on that court until 1965. He won 14 cases out of 19 when he was in that court. On June 19, 1967 President Johnson nominated Marshall to the supreme court. He was the 96th person to hold that position ans the first African American. He served on that court for the next 24 years. Marshall retired from the Supreme Court in 1991 and was reportedly unhappy.Marshall died of heart failure at the National Naval Medical Center in Bethesda, Maryland at 2:58 pm on January 24, 1993, at the age of 84. He is buried in Arlington National Cemetery.