St.  Mary School

Why the Global Read Aloud? Global collaboration is necessary to show students that they are part of something bigger than them. That the world needs to be protected and that we need to care for all people. You can show them pictures of kids in other countries but why not have them speak to each other? Then the caring can begin. - Pernille Ripp(creator)

The map shows our classroom connections with San Jose, Hawaii, Bahamas, New York City, Australia and Doha Qatar.

One book to connect the world. We are 21st Century learners at St. Mary School! We connect. We communicate. We create. We collaborate. We think critically.

Mrs. Mealing's Grade 5/6 class met their global classes through Mystery Skypes. Students communicate via Skype with yes/no questions to pinpoint their partners' mystery location. Students use maps, atlases, Google Maps and the internet to help them successfully locate their new friends. Each Mystery Skype was a flurry of activity, critical thinking and fun!

We got to meet our friends from Hawaii in a Mystery Skype!

Our Grade 2/3 class had to locate the correct continent first!

Our Grade 2/3 class is working with a number of different classes. We did a Mystery Skype and found one of our classes is from San Diego, California!

These are Tweets from our friends in New York City during our Mystery Skype!

Watch this global collaboration to see Mrs. Lichtenwald's Grade 1 readers help throw a paper airplane around the globe as part of their Peter Reynold's author study.

We were so excited to receive three beautiful books from our friends in Hawaii!

St. Mary students are becoming the teachers to help our global classmates understand what it's like growing up in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan. We are participating in the GRA book exchange to help in this endeavour. We are sending our global classrooms copies of A Prairie Alphabet and Tunnels of Time. They are sending us books about their home in exchange. It is very exciting to learn about new and exciting places but it also gives us a deeper appreciation for our own home!

We were lucky to welcome Mr. Craig Hemingway from Global West Radio as our guest reader. We loved listening to his great radio voice!

Lit Skype with our friends in Michigan.

The weekly Twitter Chat had a great question comparing the main character and her mom to Luke and Darth Vader. Loved the question but found our students need to be enlightened about Star Wars! One For The Murphys author, Lynda Mullaly Hunt, suggested a movie date with our students...I agree!!

The Fourteenth Goldfish author, Jennifer Holm, answered three questions from our St. Mary students during our final Live Chat. Our students were so thrilled to take part in this amazing experience!

Holy Trinity's Battle of the Books was a huge success due largely to the highly engaging and exciting format using Kahoot!