The journal of Rodger Bell Hood

I am roger bell hood.I am from washington I am a 29 year old labourer working at the docks my family is still in new york I was saving up to travel there and stay there they have a job at a cloth and supply shop I live in a temporary home a man let me borrow it free of charge he is the dockmaster so I am grateful.I was on the union Why? My father was a man who helped slaves to freedom he never got caught so I learned to help people who aren't as happy.captain of the 478th battalion right flank yes I have a young boy with me He is my son My wife was murdered in a mix up at a bar She was always drunk but she was a good woman my son is only 14 he is also in the army private second class drummer boy.

Chris: Aww, my bread basket

Max: Well we’re just jailbirds at this union camp

Chris: Hey looky here, some o’ those fresh fish are getting the hard case

Max Well let me get the pepperboxes and the hornets

Chris: ya, and have the buggers whip your booty

Max: Well, I been through the mill, and never in in my life have i been captured.

Chris: This yo first battle now just get snug as a bug and lay down.

Max: now I’m gonna grab some root and some tar water

Chris: sorry gotta get rid of my chronic quick step... man I hate my life as a glove boy.

Max: sorry i’m wallpapered

Chris: I’m gonna get tight too possum

Max: Ya bluff, no matter how hard you squeeze you ain’t gettin as tight as me

Chris: Another call for my chronic quickstep

Max: Oh

Chris: it ain’t comin out

Max: use your arkansas toothpick

Chris: well i’m all played out


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