The Road To War

By: Bella & Koa

The road to war was the beginning of the civil war. The war began on April 12th, 1861 when confederates attacked the union soldiers. The majority of the whole war took place in the states of Tennessee and Virginia. When the war started Abraham Lincoln was in presidency. He was also the General for the Union.

Start of war

The picture above is from when the confederates attacked the Union in Fort Sumter and started a whole new war that I believe was not supposed to happen. This ambush took place April 12-14, 1861.  As you see they lighted the buildings on fire and burned it while everyone panics and fights.

Prince William County, Virginia was where the first battle was fought on July 21, 1861. The Confederates won the first battle. This battle was called the battle of Bull Run.

Things They Used

This is some of the things that they used during the civil war. These flags as you should know are the Confederates and the United States of America. It includes heavy warm wool coats and bags to hold all their tools like plates and water,  etc.

The Soldiers

In the Civil War over 3,000,000 soldiers fought in the war. The Union forces outnumbered the confederates roughly 2 to 1. In the war over 850,00 soldiers died. They fought a harsh war and they all must have been very brave men of all colors.

The End Of The war

The war ended on April 9th 1865. The winner of this bloody horrifying war was the Northerners.  When the Northerners won there was no longer slavery in the states. If you ask me I think the slaves were very thankful to the Northerners.  If it wasn't for the Northerners there would probably still be slavery in the United States.

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