Piston Peak Culture

Piston Peak,TX

Welcome to Piston Peak National Park come learn about our culture and lets take a moment on thanking the Piston Peak Air Attack Team for there help on putting out fires because it happens a lot at Piston Peak.

Piston Peak was founded by Fred Willard (1939-). He was exploring the beautiful v6 valleys in 1958. He found lots of amazing things like he found gizzers, vistas, and lots of animals. He thought it would be a beautiful place to start a culture. He build a hotel and cabins for all people to stay in and to come and live in with all the animals that can provided food as well with all the nature that surrounds it.

My culture believes in catholicism.We believe in one only God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, creator of things visible such as this world. In which our transient life passes, of things invisible such as the pure spirits which are also called angels. The creator in each man of his spiritual,immortal soul.We believe that this only God is absolutely one in His infinitely holy essence as also in all His perfections, in His omnipotence, His infinite knowledge, His providence, His will and His love.

In Piston Peak we have market economy. We can freely buy whatever but it all depends on how much money you have. And what ever you chose to buy.It depend on each country and there taxes. But some countries don't like working with other countries like Cuba dosen't work with the U.S.

The school education in piston peak there is elementary,elementary,and high school. Boys and girls are both allowed to go to school but if they want they can go to an all girls or all boys school.In primary (elementary) school their are ages 6 to 12 in junior high (middle) school their are ages 12-15. And in high school there are ages 15-18. All public schools are free.

At Piston Peak we often have fires so we have our Piston Peak Air Attack Team. protecting us from the fire. My citizens feel safe with them around because they know if there is a fire they know they'll put it out. If there is a fire and they need help. They will always know to call the piston peak air attack team for assistance.

In my culture we speak and write English. No it does not have significance. But some people do they do have accents. like a Jersey accent or a Tennessee accent. so we mostly speak English in piston peak.

In Piston Peak our climate is mostly sunny or cloudy and we get thunder storms now and then. Mostly this effects our daily lives because of one problem. If there is a thunder storm we mostly we all have to stay inside. If there is lightning then there is a bad sign of fire. We are surrounded with wild life and our trees can be caught on fire.

With our climate being mostly sunny and we do get rain sometimes. At Piston Peak we have vegetables, fruit, and meat as food.We love eating healthy so we eat fruit. We also love meat our most favorite food is barbecued sangs. And our favorite desert is flan its very sweet and really good to eat.

My people live in cabins next to the forest and near argon canyon. And in the hotel that's also next to the forest and also near a gizar. It's in a small like-city place. The population is 115 people living in piston peak.People live in big and small homes (cabins) but also in a hotel as well.

They have strong family values they always look out for each other. Not usually but we do have our grandma's and grandpa's if they have to.Yes divorce is legal in our culture. The relationships between the kids and parents are great they always have family game night's they cook together. They mostly do everything together in our culture.

What we do for fun In Piston Peak is that we love playing soccer and other games. We also love watching movies and t.v series like "Robocop" and "C.H.i.P.s." And for music we do love rock by ACDC and we love country music as well. We always stay active while listening to music while were playing soccer. And we always keep ourselves entertained by watching movies and t.v series it affects us very well.

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