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With the field of Online Reputation Management no longer the nascent industry that it used to be, progressively-geared ORM companies like have to be able to offer breakthrough products and services in order to get noticed. Fortunately, for founder and owner Matt Peters, SearchManipulator’s range of services and exclusive cutting edge product (the SearchManipulator "Promote Yourself") has remained unrivalled to this day. Despite the proliferation of many competitors in the industry of ORM, has been the only company to offer a remarkable state-of-the-art software program that helps users control how they look online and monitor their online reputation while keeping a steady access to the Google database. When Matt Peters and her team of engineers at were in the process of designing the software, all they ever selflessly thought about was how to immeasurably help non-techies with a program that could reverse whatever negative online presence those individuals had. They knew at that coming out with such a program would invariably affect the market: it had great potential for exploration as well as competition. But Matt and the entire team never let those considerations hinder them from developing the SearchManipulator "Promote Yourself". Now, seasons after the introduction of the exceptional SearchManipulator "Promote Yourself", Matt can only look back in amazement at how tremendously the SearchManipulator "Promote Yourself" has gained wide acceptance from many, many customers.

But the team has not stopped their journey of finding more innovative ways to serve the ORM industry better. Through their state-of-the-art software, impressive array of services, great service bundles plus the unbroken assurance of unbeatable affordability, SearchManipulator continues to attract innumerable individuals and businesses that need unrivalled ORM services minus the heavy dent on the pocket. The goal has remained unaltered: to provide nothing less than the latest and best online reputation management technology at the best possible price. At, clients are assured that they are given prompt attention and expert service by real engineers and not salespeople out only to make a quick sale.

So, for people who have long searched for an ORM company that offers the same results as big name competitors at a fraction of what those competitors charge, is definitely the ORM service company to go for.  

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