Syria Water Issues

Turkey has the highest population with more than 50% then Iraq second with 25% and Syria last.

3. The higher the population the more fresh water needed for people. Less people more water for agriculture and animals.
4. The region would need more water and the other countries will receive less.

The country Syria uses almost half the water that is in their country. Total Renewable: 26.26 and the Total Withdraw: 14.41

Syria gets more than 2 times their water(19.26km) from outside their country and only get 7 km from inside.

3. Syria uses two times the amount of water that they get from inside their country. They are mainly using external water from Turkey.

Syria uses almost all of their water for agriculture.
2. Syria main priority with water is food then domestic then industry.

Turkey's population stays high in the future but Iraq's population rockets up. Syria's population stays low.

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