Talking Tom & Ben News

Talking Tom & Ben News is an application involving a Cat and a Dog who give news reports. They do not always get along and occasionally get into fights. The students can record their voice, which is then modified in order to give a news cast. This falls under the Expressive Dimensions category, Representation of the six dimensions of Language Arts.

This application could be used to make a weather forecast in Grade 5 when the students are completing their weather unit. It can also be used to present some of the social studies units as if they were current events. This is a good alternative way of assessing a students knowledge for students who are not as strong at writing.

Toontastic Jr.

This application could be used with grade 2's  in order to tell a story. In the Program of Studies for Grade 2: Language Arts, 1.1 Under Discover and Explore: Experiment with Language and Forms, there is an example where the students use and item to prompt their story telling. This App could be used in a similar way because you choose a general beginning, middle and end, and then you have to describe what happens. You can move the characters around the screen, add voices and narration, and in the end you have a movie that could be presented to the class.

StoryKit App

This app includes some traditional stories such as Humpty Dumpty, The Three Little Pigs and Goldilocks and the Three Bears that can be edited and changed. The traditional stories can be told from different perspectives and there is the possibility of adding audio.

You can also create your own book to tell your own story. This application could be used to create a report, tell a story or as a read along. A teacher could read the book aloud and record her voice. Then the students could follow along as they listen to the recording, or they could record their own voice as they read along.


AudioBoo is an app that allows your students to record their voice. This is a tool that can be used at almost any level in any class. It can be used with the younger grades to give them the opportunity to narrate their own story, or it can be used in the older grades to create a radio information program. This is an exciting way that students can share their work with their classmates and can be used as an alternative to written work for evaluation.

SolarWalk or NASA

This application can be used in the grade six science unit Sky Science. SolarWalk is an excellent resource that allows you to navigate through the Solar System and to get a closer look at their orbits, size and their moons. In addition clicking on each planet gives you facts about it's composition, elements and other interesting figures.

Similarly NASA provides information about to current events in Astronomy, has actual pictures and other resources related to our Solar System and Planets.

A Life Cycle App

A Life Cycle App has many different cycles including but not limited to the life cycle of various animals, the water cycle, and pollination and fertilization of a plant. The cycle includes illustrations, written descriptions as well as an audio explanation of the cycle. The animal life cycle App can be used in Grade 3 for animal life cycles, or in grade 4 for plant life cycles.

GeoDash: Wild Animal Adventure

GeoDash is an educational game that consists of different levels that the robot has to pass in order to advance, gain animal characteristics and collect animal cards with facts and trivia. It also shows the habitats that each animal lives in such as the African Savannah or the Amazon Rainforest. This is an educational game that could teach children about animal habitats.


LeafSnap is an application that can help to identify a tree based on a picture of its leaf. This application could be used during a Grade 6 Trees and Forests science class to help identify different trees while on a nature walk. I would encourage the students to first guess and then use the application to confirm.

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