An animal cell is like an Applebee's

The building's walls

The building's walls represent the cell membrane because they control what goes in and out of the building, the same way the cell membrane controls what goes in and out of the cell.

Inside of Applebee's

The air in the building represents cytoplasm because the air takes up the empty space between everything, similar to the cytoplasm taking up the space between the organelles.

A manager of Applebee's

The manager is like the nucleus because he controls what everything does in the building, just like the nucleus controls everything in the cell.

Applebee's stove

The stove is similar to the Mitochondria because without the stove, food (energy) would not be made. This is like the mitochondria making energy for the cell.

A chef

The chef is similar to the Endoplasmic reticulum because the chef makes the main material that keeps the building running (food) and the ER creates proteins, which help in many cell functions and keep the cell running.

A sous chef

A sous chef is similar to the ribosomes because the sous chef prepares everything for the chef, just like the ribosomes create the amino acids used to make proteins by the ER.

An Applebee's waiter

The waiter is like the Golgi apparatus because the waiter takes what the chef makes and packages and distributes it (the food) throughout the restaurant, just like the Golgi apparatus packages the proteins made by the Endoplasmic reticulum.

Garbage disposal

The restaurant's garbage disposal is similar to the Lysosomes because the sink digests the restaurant's waste, just like the lysosomes digest the cell's waste.

Dish washer

The dish washer is like the peroxisomes because the dish washer removes the grease and other waste just like the peroxisomes break down the fatty acids of the cell.

Restaurant carpet

The flagella/cilia are similar to the carpet because the carpet allows the people within the restaurant to move easily, just like the flagella and cilia allow the organelles of a cell to move.

Applebee's CEO

The CEO is like the centrioles because the CEO controls the division and duplication of the restaurant while the centrioles help with cell division.

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