Spirit Dress up Days
Monday, March 20 - Mismatch Day
Tuesday, March 21
– Dress Your Best Day
Wednesday, March 22 - Sports Day
Thursday, March 23
- Panther Prowl Shirt
Friday, March 24 - Hat/Sunglasses

Panther Prowl is this week and we are getting in the spirit by having a few spirit dress up days.

Panther Prowl is the last
PTO Fundraiser for ’16-’17.
Let’s Make It Count!

Panther Prowl is a walk-a-thon type of event where Lascassas Elementary students collect pledges and/or donations from family and friends for every lap they jog or walk. The 2017 Panther Prowl will be Thursday, March 23rd. On this day, each student will be given a free t-shirt and will walk/jog the course around the parking lot at the front of the gym for 30 minutes. The students may start collecting pledges today. After the event, students will collect pledges and return the money to their homeroom teacher. Please have checks made payable to Lascassas PTO and remember all donations are tax deductible. School Wide Goal $16,000
*We will have a Sock Hop in May for all students if we reach our goal.


The “TOP Student” who brings in the most donations will be “Student Principal for the Day”! The student will not only get to do a variety of things while shadowing Principal Blair but his/her name and title will be on the school marquee on Hwy. 96 along with a picture taken in front of the sign!

2nd level: The Top 20 students who bring in donations will attend a Field Trip to Bounce U with Principal Blair and have pizza/drinks for lunch while at Bounce U!

3rd level: Any student who brings in a minimum of $50 will receive 30 minutes of extra recess along with a popsicle!*One class from each grade will win a popcorn/soda party for raising the most $$

*The top lap runner in each GRADE will receive $5

*The top lap runner from the entire school will receive $10

What’s a Shout Out? We will cheer on your child over the PA system while they run/walk for only $5. Please send in the  Shout Out form no later than Wednesday, March 22nd.

We will need MANY volunteers the day of Panther Prowl to help count laps for students. Mark your calendars now for March 23rd. We appreciate your involvement and support of our LES students!

                                Panther Prowl
Grade                Walk Time         Movie/Water Time
2nd Grade         8:00-8:30            8:30-9:00
5th Grade          8:40-9:10            9:10-9:40
4th Grade          9:20-9:50            9:50-10:20
3rd Grade         10:00-10:30        10:30-11:00 Kindergarten   11:15-11:45         11:45-12:15
1st Grade          12:00-12:30        12:30-1:00

You may ask questions like why do we need to raise $16,000 or where does the money go? So many believe, “I pay my taxes so everything at school is already covered”. The PTO raises money for items listed below, along with many other needs in the school:
• Mulch on the Playgrounds
• Field Trips (the cost that you pay when your child goes  does not cover the entire cost of the bus and driver)
• Start up of the new year for the teacher’s accounts (classroom supplies, learning materials, incentives for the students)
• Technology such as Ipad Labs, Computer Labs, Etc...
• Picnic Tables
• Security Cameras
• Instruments for Music & Supplies for Art
• Equipment for PE classes
• Hands on materials for classroom learning activities
• Inflatables for Field Day
• Luncheons for the teachers (Parent teacher conference days, back to school, teacher appreciation)
• Pavilion to provide shade for our students and teachers
• Teacher Supply Closet (Items such as dry eraser markers, pens, cardstock paper, paper clips, post its, rubber bands, staples, folders, etc… are not supplied from your taxes)
Thank you for your support so that we can continue to provide for our kids!