English Bulldogs

Ann Marie Diaz

How big do English bulldogs get?

Well according to www.wikipedia.com English bulldogs usually grow to be
around 53 to 55 pounds female bulldogs can be around 49 to 51 pounds. What
really matters is the sex of the dog. Their height is 12 to 16 inches. These
dogs can be very big dogs but they can also be very little dogs too. English
bulldogs are lifespan is 8 to 12 years old and these dogs can also be muscular
and compact as well.

Are English bulldogs good with kids?

The answer is yes they are good with kids. They can be playful and protective at the same time.They can be playful by playing and jumping around with your children and you.They can be protective by guarding you if someone comes into your yard or
another example is if you are being robbed. It would be kind of bad if your dog
bit someone because your dog can be taken away and killed or you can be charged
a lot of money.

Being protective.

Do English bulldogs make good pets? Yes English bulldogs make good pets. They can make god pets by protecting you, loving you,and being nice. They can make amazing pets doing those three things. If they protect you the will not let you get hurt. If they love you and are nice to you then that means they will never harm you and they will love you.