Three Country Comparison

Cairns has an old history and was originally a mining town like Phuket and the boom of a gold rush just  outside of town put Cairns on the map. Cairns eventually built itself up into a touristy place that has attracted many visitors. Its old history involves Australia's war with Japan, just as Germany suffered war with neighbouring countries. Cairns is on the coast also like Phuket. Berlin is the one place where i am going that is inland, it is also has the coldest climate out of the three places. Phuket is an island, Berlin is a  city and so is cairns but Cairns is a country town and berlin is the capital of Germany


$15000 task:

Cairns to Phuket = $1145 non-stop
Phuket to Berlin = $788 2 stops
Berlin to Melbourne = $969 1 stop
= Total Price = $2902

Berlin = $60 a day.
Phuket = (car not needed)
= $60 a day

Berlin = Tryp Berlin Mitte = 5 star rating = cost $462 a night = total price $3690
Phuket = Orchidacea Resort = $36 a night = total price $360

Travel Map task: