Triangle Trade


Pigs were first domesticated in Europe and Asia to be used as a source of meat and lard and at thise time they were all dark colored. They first arrived in the Americas when Queen Isabella of Spain insisted that Christopher Columbus take pigs on his journey in 1493. They were to be used as an emergency source of food since they were tough and could survive with minimal care. Some of these pigs escaped and started herds in the areas that he visited.

Hernando de Soto also brought a herd of pigs to the Americas in 1539. That herd grew and explorers used these pigs for meat and preserved pork. This herd of pigs became the ancestors of the feral pigs that live in America today. Pigs adapted well to the areas of North Americas and the Native Americans became to hunt pigs as well as their normal game. In other areas of the Americas pigs destroyed forests and the upset the ecosystems found there.



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