Moon Jelly

The amazing jelly fish

Moon Jelly's are Jelly Fish. Their scientific name is Aurelia Aurita.


Moon Jelly are violet, reddish, pinkish or yellowish. They are 25-40cm in size. They have a bell, tentacles and a mouth with arms.


The moon jellyfish is one of the most widespread of all jellyfish and can be found in coastal waters in almost every part of the ocean except for very cold waters.

They live in the purple areas of the map below.


They live near the surface of the water, mainly in coastal areas.

Biological Relationships


Leatherback Sea Turtle



Mutually Beneficial

Small fish


Planula Larva --> Polyp --> Budding Polyp --> Ephyra --> Medusa

Food Chain / Web

Sun is absorbed by Plankton, that is stung and eaten by a Moon Jelly, that is eaten by a Leatherback Sea Turtle, that is chomped up by the Shark


Salt Water

Interesting Facts

They live less than one year

When they dont have enough food for a while, they shrink

How do they swim?

Moon Jelly flap their bell to move ... see this video

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