Characteristics of Free Enterprise

                    Economic Freedom

This is showing different paths of careers that you have the freedom to chose from.

Voluntary Exchange

Voluntary exchange means that buyers and sellers can freely and willingly engage in transactions. They are exchanging fish and money that will benefit them both.

Private Property Rights

Having private property right means that you can own and control your own property. These people have the right to do whatever they want to their property. So, they decided to paint their house in polka dots.

Profit Motive

Shows that profit is what drives the business to make more products. And the profit is what determines the product.


Competition is the struggle among sellers to attract consumers. This picture is showing both businesses are trying to bring in the most consumers with the best deals.

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3 years ago

While I was hoping you would have posted another informational music video, I liked your picures and explanations. The private property rights and competition pictures were very humorous