Triton is god of the water and what is his pet peeve is what other then a movie and not just the movie the girl on fire herself Katniss Everden!

Sorry for the pixels but my favorite movie is The Thirteenth Year a story about a boy who went from being the perfect teen to a merman like me!

EDM is my favorite type of music and this song gives me a upbeat tune to turn my day from 0-100 real quick! The artist is name K-391 one of the best Dj's i have ever heard!

I am half fish so i am a vegetarian so i wont be called a cannibal! It sucks not being able to eat meat but what comes to mind when i here the word food? Fettuccine Alfredo with creamy sauce and the best of bread! This is my favorite food!!!!!

Here are both my parents my father is Poseidon God of the sea and my mother Amphitrite Goddess of the sea!

My favorite sport would be soccer thanks to the play making and hunger t win by this team if i ever grow legs i want to be were they are on the professional stage!

My vacation spot would be in the clearest waters in the world A.K.A called The Maldives Island! To get some relaxation i would want to see the view of this exotic once an a life time sea! But i still wonder how this came out so clear? Even god of the sea Does not know how this sea is so clear.

Last i have my hobbies number one on the list s soccer! For fun i play soccer, also i follow the best team in the world! I watch all their games and try to learn the skills they mastered! Soccer is not just a hobby its my life and soccer will always be my life!

Last I have a funny sdes and i laugh when a funny picture, meme or joke is told i am still 50percent human "UH DUH"!!!! JK

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