Gillette Razors:

Gillette Razors were introduced in the early 1900's, and manufactured by Procter and Gamble. They were the first safety Razors with a disposable blade. These revolutionized razors by replacing the dangerous single lade that had to be sharpened between uses.

Work on New York Subway Begins:

In 1900 they began work on the first section of the subway.  It ran from City Hall to the Bronx.

Vacuum Cleaner:

In 1901 Hubert Cecil Booth mad the worlds first vacuum cleaner.  It originally was to big for a normal home.  In 1902 it was used at Westminster Abbey for King Edward VII coronation.  It then gained popularity and became small and more popular throughout the years.  

Ford Motor Company:

In 1903 Henry Ford (a machinist and Engineer) farms Ford Motor Company to manufacture Automobiles.  

Ford Model T:

In 1908 Henry Ford's Ford Motor Company introduced Ford Model T.  It cost $850.00 which was nearly 1/3 of the price of any other car but still was not cheap enough for normal people.  Over the years he perfected an assembly line that produced bringing the cost down to $368 in 1916.  This made it more affordable for the average family and allowed them to start selling hundreds of thousands more cars than any other company.

Automobile Hearse:

In 1909 the first ever automobile Hearse was used for funerals.  Before this horse drawn carriages were used to carry the honored body of a person who has passed.  


The first Auto Electric Start:

In 1911 the Auto Electric Start was first installed in a Cadillac by GM.  Until this all cars needed to be cranked by a starting handle.  The backfire caused multiple injuries.  

Olympic Games:

In 1912 the summer Olympics held in Stockholm, Sweden introduced Electronic Timing and photo-finish equipment.  

First Pop Up toaster:

In 1919 Charles Strite invented the first pop up toaster.