The definition of inference: creating a prediction from evidence or reasoning

Example of inferring: "In the distance we saw an old torn up repair shop. We walked into the repair store and a creepy man with red eyes and a black coat..." I can infer that something bad or paranormal will happen, due to the man's unnatural eye color and black coat.

Example of inferring: "Josephine Grace is a teenage girl who is somewhat crazy. She talks to birds and writes letters to her dead friend, Hattie on a daily basis...But when secrets are revealed and families are is time to find out what is real and what is fiction." I can infer that Josephine's craziness isn't based on something going on in her mind, but something sinister. I can infer this based on the fact that it states "what is real and what is fiction," which could mean that that "fiction" is something bad.

Example of inferring: "The only sound I hear is my own heartbeat, and I have the strangest feeling that I am being watched. It then becomes clear to me. I am no longer the hunter. I’m the hunted." I can infer that some action is going to happen, since he is "the hunted", and when there is prey, something usually goes down.

An inference I can make about this image is that Terra is contemplating a life-changing decision based on Beast Boy's hand trying to give something to her.

I can infer that the bunnies are hiding from their hunter and are hoping not to be eaten due to their closeness to each other and that they are hiding behind multiple plants.

I infer that these people just attended a fun wedding due to the smiles on their faces and their attire. I also infer a certain someone is in love with the bride(NOT the husband, by the way) and that her hubby is NOT infatuated with her based on the direction of their gaze.