Who Am I?


   the fact of being who or what a person or thing is.


Education is a large contributing factor to the shaping of who I am as an individual. As a student, I've spent a lot of time in a classroom learning curriculum and learning to interact with others. Education provides goals for me to work towards and a source of motivation fueled with my desire to learn. Having high expectations and ambitions for myself has always been part of who I am and school has built upon that. School has helped me develop a variety of skills that have in turn have shaped my identity and affected who I am.

Family and Friends

Your family is your foundation. They are your roots and they are there from the beginning. They affect your identity from the moment you are born. My family has been there from the beginning, supporting me every step of the way and watching me grow. So have my friends. Be it a few close friends or many, friends can add love and laughter to your life. Everyone has their own identity so getting to know other people reflects upon yours. With their support and encouragement evincing who I am as a person, my identity has undergone constant changes that have continued to shape who I am today.


Everyone has that one thing that they are passionate about. Personally, I have more then one passion and it's hard to choose between them! I love reading, I could never have enough books! I love the feeling that you get when you become so absorbed in the book that it feels like you are in another world. It's the same with writing. Essentially, I love words. They are a form of expression and art all within themselves. My favorite genre is mystery. I have a number of other things I am passionate about; culinary for example. The way I explore my passions reflect my personality and my identity. As I continue to grow within my passion, so does my identity.


My family background makes me unique and has affected who I am today. My mother is from Budapest, Hungary and my dad is from England. I am the first born Canadian in my family. At a very young age, my mother and her parents left Hungary to escape the communism. They first immigrated to Germany where they spent three months in a concentration camp before getting an apartment. A few years later they joined my aunt in Canada and from there worked to where we are today. I've been told many stories about my moms childhood including the one where she ran away with the circus. I think that one will remain my favorite.

PVA Theater

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This section ties into passions because I enjoy acting. Theater is something I just recently got into when I auditioned for the PVA program at Central. This not only affects my individual identity, but my identity as a collective. I became interested in theater in grade nine when we performed "Village of Idiots" toward the end of the year. I decided I wanted to pursue it so I auditioned for the program. I performed in "A Christmas Carol" for fall production and I am now looking forward to "The 25th Annual Putnam Spelling Bee" as a musical in the fall. As I continue acting and learning foundations, I discover more about who I am as a person.

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