Tools of the Trade

Steven Zhang


Edmodo is a website where you can find homework assignments and also turn in homework assignments. You can also ask questions and answer questions. This allows the student to get help when they need it and also allow the teacher to see if the students understood what was taught in class.


Remind is a website that allows the teacher to send messages to students or parents quickly and its free. This allows the teacher to not have to send a lot of messages or e- mails to different parents when you can send it only once and all the students and/or parents will receive it.


Tackk is a website where you can design different websites. You can design with different backgrounds and styles. This allows you to create a web page that is perfect for your need.


Easelly is a website where you can create and share your ideas. That means you can create charts that explain statistics on what are the best songs at different times, to making a diagram to explain different objects.

Design Cycle

The Design Cycle is a process we use to solve a problem we may have in our everyday life.

Inquiring and Analysis

Inquiring and Analysis is when you fid out what the problem is and you think the problem throughly.

Developing Ideas

Developing Ideas is what you do after you have completed think though the problem. You then, based on all the requirements, think of a solution that can fit all of the requirements.

Creating the Solution

Creating the Solution is the stage where you actually create the solution you made in the Developing Ideas stage.


The Evaluating stage is when you look at what you have created and see if you could've improved on your idea.

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