SpiderMan's Journal

March 14, 1992

Today the most unbelievable thing happened. My high school class was on a field trip and i was bitten by black widow spider. I went home and a web came out of my wrist. Yes, a web.

March 15, 1992

So i was observing my "web-shooting skills" and i saw these tiny almost invisible spikes on my hands and why they were there. So I walked out of the room and touched the wall. My hand was stuck to the wall  and i yanked it off the wall and there was a huge area of wall that was ripped off.

March 18, 1992

After two days of finding out/mastering my spider skills i made a suit and i made a logo on my suit. I call myself SpiderMan.

My logo
My Suit

March 19, 1992

So i was at my apartment and i thought what am i supposed to do with this outfit? And i thought "save or help people."

March 20, 1992

I'm standing on the ledge of my window when i see the cops driving down the road. So I jump off my window into the street and swing from building to building. Finally, i find the guy they are chasing. I tie him to a street lamp with my webs and leave before the cops can see me.

August 2, 1993

I've kept track of all my 'good doings' on a piece of paper. The paper has counted twenty-seven in the last year. But as i did in my first 'good doing' i tried to do it without notice. But unfortunately i cant stay off the internet or magazines newspapers or whatever. But the main question is, WHO IS SPIDER MAN?  

September 6, 1993

I was on my computer searching about my father. He died in 1981. His name was Richard Parker. So i was scrolling through my documents and i found a file named Richard Parker. So as anyone with a dead dad i clicked on it. It was a video that said the following- " Peter, you may never find this file but anyways i need to tell you something. Oscorp is after you. You were purposely bitten by that spider. If this hasnt happened to you yet continue watching the video but dont try to stop getting bitten by the spider.But back to buisness Oscorp is creating a serum. They are creating a moster Peter. You have to stop it.

January 18, 1994

So after a year of not in my journal, i find out what this 'serum' is. Kert Connors- manager of Oscorp- is devoloping the serum. He is going to create a mutaed lizard. He is doing this to grow back his half-arm. And i have to stop him.

March 14, 1994

Today at school i saw him. Big green and ugly. I evacuated the school went to my locker put on my SpiderMan suit and listened. I heard him. I ran into the library and banged him up a little. I kid of wanted to fight him until the serum ran out. But he ran out of the building before i could.

The Lizard

July 18, 2001

It's been seven years since I've seen the lizard. I haven't wrote in the last seven years either. I was so busy looking for the lizard i completely forgot about my journal. But i am writing today because i saw a sign of the lizard. I saw tiny little green lizards crawling into the sewer. Also i saw him in human form so instead of seeing the lizard, i saw Kurt Connors. I beat the crap out of him. Then he told me he was going to to kill me and so on.

Kurt Connors of Oscorp

August 15, 2001

I got him. Yes i got him. Not today but yesterday. Yesterday because I was busy taking him jail and getting the cops to believe i was a good guy and so on. So this time i when i saw this tiny lizards i had my suit on. I went into the sewer and followed the lizards. They led me to The lizard. I ran up to and shot two webs at his head and yanked his head toward the ground. SLAM! BANG! POW! I got him by surprise but i he got be on the head. We had had an epic battle but i won in the end. He was arrested and but to justice.

December 21, 2003

I saw a video on my computer it was my father. It said " Electro is coming."