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AJ Products is a UK-based group with 26 companies operating across 19 countries in Europe. Based out in Hampshire, the company manufactures and markets wide ranging product lines for workplace, materials handling and storage.The company is a multi-channel retailer of competitively-priced office furniture, materials handling and storage solutions.

Classy Pigeon Hole Shelves from AJ Products Designs from AJ Products for the pigeon hole shelves allows a better efficient storage space

A Variety of Practical Furnishing Options for Office Cafeterias

Lunch rooms are the basic necessity at all offices. Employees not only have their meals in canteen rooms, but also spend considerable amount of time while taking breaks. Nowadays, companies design and plan furnishing needs of cafeterias carefully, considering comfort and aesthetics for employees. Neat and well-designed cafeteria spaces provide relaxation to employees and positively impact their productivity. Organizations should consider and maintain a balance between durability, design and comfort when planning to buy furniture for their lunch rooms.
Canteen furnishing requirements include tables, chairs, storage and other useful items like mats and screens. There are many options in canteen furniture for organizations. A wide variety of furnishing products to meet the requirements of small as well as big company cafeterias are available across the market. It is a good idea to opt for furniture that is practical and easy to handle. Folding canteen tables and chairs give advantage of easy arrangements at office canteens. Companies should purchase furniture that is comfortable and hence, ergonomic options can be purchased, which increase the comfort level of the employees. Ergonomically designed chairs come in a variety of versions like plastic, mesh or wood.
Office canteen furniture available in a huge variety of colours and patterns. Many organizations prefer colourful and bright décor for canteens. A diverse range of colourful plastic folding tables and chairs are available online in several shapes and patterns. Plastic furniture comes in a range of prices to suit any budget. Another important requirement at canteens is storage. Adequate storage facilities help in organizing and maintaining office canteens neatly. Several types of racks, cupboards, cabinets and shelving options can be found online as well as in the furniture market. Office cafeterias can be transformed into relaxing zones with ambiance that de-stresses workforce with the help of good furnishing options.

A lot of furniture companies offer wide range of products suitable for office canteen furnishing. One of the companies that has a variety of furniture in several styles is AJ Products. The company also offers packaged deals in canteen furniture.

How to Organize Workplaces Neatly and Efficiently

Neatness at workplaces helps employees to work more efficiently. Provisions to keep workplaces organized and clutter-free should be made by companies. At offices, employees use numerous items and accessories such as stationery, software utilities, hardware tools and appliances. Orderly management of all these items in offices can take a toll on the managing staff as well. If not managed smoothly, it can gradually lead to clutter at workplaces and hence affect employees’ efficiency.

According to an article published by the National Contract Management Association: NCMA (NCMA, Reduce Office Clutter: Your Three-Step Plan to Increase Productivity, Efficiency, and Profitability, Pat Heydlauff), studies show that there is a direct relation between productivity and clutter. Productivity and profits rise when chaos and clutter decline. Companies should thus focus on better office management to increase the productivity of employees. Providing necessary utilities from storage boxes to big shelves and bins to work desks can help manage workspace in a better way.
Following are some of the levels at which workplaces require attention to keep offices organized:

Storage Management: It is difficult for employees to work efficiently in an office with poor provisions to keep files, stationery, hardware tools, computer accessories etc. In such cases, items would either be placed on desks or floor, leaving less space to concentrate on work. Some important items can also go missing when required urgently. Thus, proper provisions for specific storage needs like filing cabinets, drawing cabinets, key closets, racks, shelves, storage boxes and other storage utilities are necessary at workplaces. There are ample options available across the market for organizations to buy storage furniture products.
Desk Management: It is the responsibility of both, the employers and the employees to keep the things in office organized. If provided with practical desks with drawers, workers can utilize them to keep their desk clutter-free. An untidy desk can cause disorientation to some employees. An article published in The Entrepreneur (The Entrepreneur, Growth Strategies, What Your Desk Says about You, January 2013) says that many employers see people who have a well-organized desk as more reliable. They also perceive such employees as people who can get things done on time. Thus, keeping your desk well organized says a lot of about the personality of the employee.
Waste Management: Another aspect at which organizations should focus is waste management. Appropriate provisions for dustbins, ashtrays, recycle bins should be made at workspaces, restrooms, smoking rooms and cafeterias. A lot of furniture companies offer a range of waste or litter bins, fixed standing or wall mounted ashtrays and several items that help in managing waste. Companies can purchase and help employees in managing the workspace in a neat and tidy manner.
AJ Products is a furniture company that has a wide range of offerings to suit various requirements at offices. From wall mounted ashtrays to archiving shelves and many more equipment and furniture products, the company has a diverse range of products to help employees and the firms to organize offices neatly.

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Useful furniture for offices

Office Furnishing that can Enhance Focus of Employees at Work

Employees spend a huge amount of their time at workplaces. Apart from regular eight to nine hours of work, at times, employees have to extend their work hours due to pending deadlines or important ad-hoc work. And, it is observed that there are common complaints about physical discomfort and stress at workplaces due to extended hours of sitting or postural problems. Thus, organizations should consider furnishing their offices in optimal comfortable ways.
Long hours of sitting in one posture can cause backaches, neck pains, cervical spondylitis and problems. Companies should plan furnishing of their offices by considering comfort of employees. There are several furniture companies that offer furnishing products like height adjustable desks and chairs that are designed ergonomically to provide comfort to the employees. According to an article published in Forbes (Forbes, 5 Small Workspace Changes That Will Make You More Productive, May 2013), employees who are provided with safe and comfortable environment are found to be more productive and focussed at work.
Here are a few factors that can help enhance concentration of employees at work:

Ergonomic furnishing: As stated above, ergonomic furnishing plays an important role in both – maintaining well-being of employees and enhancing their productivity. Thus, organizations should invest on suitable furniture that is designed keeping comfort in mind. There are variety of furniture products like height adjustable chairs, desks, trolleys that can be easily adjusted as per employees’ needs. Also available are 24 hours chairs which are specially designed chairs with back rest that supports spine and head rest that reduces the risk of neck injuries due to continuous sitting and working. Comfortable employees tend to focus more on work.
Effective colours: According to an article published on Colour-Affects (Colour-Affects, Psychological Properties of Colours), there are different psychological effects of different colours on people. While extremely bright colours can cause distraction to employees; extremely dull colours can cause boredom to them. It is thus preferable for organizations to furnish or design their offices by choosing colours that soothe employees and affect their efficiency positively.
Appropriate lighting: Along with furniture, ambiance and colours, appropriate lighting provision also impacts the efficiency and concentration of employees. Natural light is considered to be more preferable by workers than artificial fluorescent light provisions. Many employees complain of headaches due to fluorescent lights at work. Thus, organization should provide suitable lighting provisions.
Attractive ambiance: Ambiance also affect the concentration of employees. Well-organized and pleasant work environment can generate positivity in employees and let them focus more on work. Companies should provide employees with adequate storage facilities along with comfortable seating to avoid clutter at office.
Among several furniture companies, AJ Products is a company that provides decent ergonomic furniture and other furnishing items that can help enhance comfort and focus of employees at work.

Elegant Reception Furniture Visually appealing furniture in the reception area will help install a welcoming vibe and feel.

AJ Products Launch a New Range of Printed Modular Whiteboards

United Kingdom, June 8, 2015 – Whiteboards are an essential part of a conference room. AJ Products, an e-commerce company, has launched a brand new series of printed modular whiteboards. AJ Products have always strived to be leaders in supplying quality office furniture and storage materials.
The new range of printed modular whiteboards will take interactive meetings to a new level. Being modular in nature, two whiteboards can be wall mounted next to each other for seamless writing. Printed whiteboards are an excellent choice for listing of daily tasks, monthly goals and also helps in enlisting important points during meetings.
The new range of whiteboards comes with non-magnetic and dry wipe laminated surface. Complete wall fixings are provided by AJ Products. Printed Whiteboards are commonly found in conference halls as they help convert verbal discussions to simple visual representation. These whiteboards are available in several styles such as a 50 mm lining, 50 x 50 mm gridded, music staves or handwriting guidelines.

Buy a standard sized printed modular whiteboard of 1200 mm x 1200 mm which comes with a warranty from AJ Products at an affordable price.

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