Move To Mesopotamia

By Monique Bryant

Do you wanna live were everybody knows your name? Well then you wanna live in Mesopotamia, Mesopotamia has a  wide variety of cool things, such as the lyre and many more. Come to Mesopotamia we love to have you here.

Where It's Located

Mesopotamia is called "between the rivers in Greek" and that's exactly where it's located between the two rivers call Euphrates and Tigris. But the place you will  be going is Ur! Ur is a city-state located in Sumer, southern part of Mesopotamia.


Well Mesopotamia has really good techonology such as the wheel which helps you carrry things around and the sundial which tells time you also have the week, day, minute, and hour. We have cuniform which is our own type of writing, yes, our own type of writing cool right?  Last but not least we have our system of trade, I would reccomend investing in that because you never know what you could find in fact there are over a million possiblities.