Bailey Fossum

Hello and welcome to my Tackk Profile! I am new to this site but very excited for the possibilities that it may hold for my ministry.

3 months ago, I married this wonderful man that I am pictured with, Erik. We met 9 years ago through a camp that I worked at. 8 1/2 years of dating later, we are happily married. We are currently living in Sioux Falls, SD where Erik has happily worked for 10 years and home to my Alma Mater, Augustana College. In many ways, it was an easy move to come back to Sioux Falls. I am a senior in the Mdiv program, finishing my last semester online. A whole new change of pace from the last 4 years of being on campus and internship, but so far enjoying this change and connecting with classmates and professors in a different way. This class is starting to excite me more and more as the potential of a first call is coming closer and closer. During an interview for a call, one of the members of the call committee had asked about my experience with social media and if I was open to different sites. I had told them my experience was with Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and I know what SnapChat is, but that was about it. This class seems to be that bit of help I need to be more technologically inclined with the church and even what other social media sites are out there that can and are helpful in ministry.

I'm looking forward to learning more about technology in the church and learning alongside all of you! Blessings for the next 6 weeks!

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