University of Texas at Austin

Hook'em Horns

Mascot: Bevo

Origin of UT

In 1839, the Congress of the Republic of Texas ordered that a site be set aside to meet the state's higher education needs. After a series of delays over the next several decades, the state legislature called for the establishment of a "university of the first class." Austin was selected as the site for the new university in 1881, and construction began on the original Main Building in November 1882. Less than one year later, on Sept. 15, 1883, The University of Texas at Austin opened with one building, eight professors, one proctor, and 221 students — and a mission to change the world. Today, UT Austin is a world-renowned higher education, research, and public service institution serving more than 51,000 students annually through 18 top-ranked colleges and schools.

Fight Song

Admission Requirements

Admissions Data (2014)

Percent of Applicants Admitted: 40%

Test Scores: Top 7 percentile

  • SAT (out of 2400): 1874
  • ACT Composite: 28
  • SAT Critical Reading: 550 / 670
  • SAT Math: 590 / 710
  • SAT Writing: 550 / 680
    • ACT Composite: 25 / 31
    • ACT English: 25 / 33
    • ACT Math: 26 / 32
    • ACT Writing: 7/9

Tuition and Costs

Traditional Flat Tuition Rate for Full-time Undergraduates

    Room and Board-$11,362
    Other living expenses-$4,246
    Books and Supplies-$750

Campus Life

The rally begins with trumpets sounding off from the top of the tower for all of Austin to hear. The Longhorn Band and Texas football team enter to the beat of the band as student’s roar in wild cheers and begin the rally. Student spirit groups then raise the energy of the crowd with their beautiful dance routines and cheers leading up to the most anticipated part of the night. Head Coach Charlie Strong and some senior players speak to the students and stir them into a frenzy. Next, as Longhorns have done since 1941, a Hex is put on the other team. The “Eyes of Texas” is sung three times as the thousands of students pass on the flame from candle to candle until the Main Mall is illuminated.

Degree Plan: Nurse

University Core Curriculum


American History

Language, Philosophy & Culture


Life & Physical Sciences

LabLife and Physical Sciences

Political Science

Social and Behavioral Sciences

Creative Arts

Clinical Lab Science Basics

BIOL 1107 | BIOL 1305 | BIOL 2113 | BIOL 2313 | CHEM 1105 | CHEM 1106 | CHEM 1305 | CHEM 1306 | CLSC 2111 | CLSC 2210 | CLSC 2212 | CLSC 2310 | MATH 1411 | PHIL 2306 | PSYC 1301

Clinical Lab Science Core (Required)

CLSC 3153 | CLSC 3155 | CLSC 3161 | CLSC 3164 | CLSC 3252 | CLSC 3257 | CLSC 3260 | CLSC 3262 | CLSC 3268 | CLSC 3269 | CLSC 3351 | CLSC 3354 | CLSC 3356 | CLSC 3357 | CLSC 3364 | CLSC 3366 | CLSC 3368 | CLSC 4100 | CLSC 4180 | CLSC 4273 | CLSC 4274 | CLSC 4275 | CLSC 4471 | CLSC 4472 | CLSC 4476 | CLSC 4478 |

Persuasive Essay

To continue on to attend a university is dream dreamt by many. It is a dream that not many get to live. Although, this dream continues to get bigger for me. I deserve a further education, everybody does. I deserve to attend the University of Texas because I am a dedicated student who does not fail to be enthusiastic about learning.

Additionally, a further education to me is chance to learn and change. Education to me is the fundamental element of a successful life. I have goals. Goals to go on in life and pursue the unknown and teach it to the world as I’ve been taught. To learn and grow is to give back to the world. Giving back to the world that gave to me, achieving my goals.

Furthermore, I’d life to say how important an education is to the future. Education is a progressive acknowledgement of our own ignorance. Eliminating ignorance in the world is the next step to eliminating war, crime, injustice, and hate. We must all learn about each other in order to live in acceptance. Education is the cause for many things. You can gain respect, knowledge, growth, and power. I want to live in a world where these traits are in abundance. Education is important to me in too many ways. I deserve to live in a world where ignorance is at a low, in a world that is acceptant and not hypocritical but, instead a world in which we live in harmony.

In closing, I have much to offer for your university. I am a student who is always enthusiastic about learning and has a different perspective to things that are discussed. I am innovative and dedicated. I am very compassionate about my education and helping to make the world a better place.


Dayan Delgado

Why UT?

Letter of Recommendation

To Whom it May Concern:

I am impressed with Dayan Delgado's enthusiasm, communication skills and professional demeanor when I met her this year as a freshman at the El Dorado Ninth Grade Academy. Throughout this year, Dayan has demonstrated these characteristics fairly well and I consider her to be an excellent addition to your college.

Dayan is reliable, dedicated and very social. Her ability to adapt to difficult situations in her academic life is unparalleled, and it is because of her excellence in this area that I repeatedly seek to her for assistance. She multitasks effectively and is able to handle a high-volume workload. She consistently met or surpassed all assignments and assessments given to her.

Dayan obtains this team player mind-set, enthusiastic embrace of change, and unwavering commitment to exceeding teacher expectations. I recognized this everyday that I participated with her in class, and it eventually became contagious.

Organized and diligent, Dayan quickly learned new objectives and software that were unfamiliar to her when she first started her first semester in her freshman year.

Dayan is a hardworking, top-performing student. She has my highest recommendation, and I am happy to give more details if you would like additional information.


Kayla Zuniga

El Dorado 9th Grade Academy

El Paso, TX 79938

Tel: (915) 254-5444



Required Education Postsecondary training: Associate's or bachelor's degree in nursing

Other Requirements Passing NCLEX-PN

Projected Job Growth (2012-2022)  25%

Average Salary (2013)  $42,910

Nursing jobs require not only treating patients who are sick and injured, but also offering advice and emotional support to patients and their families, taking care of paperwork helping doctors diagnose patients and providing advice and follow-up care.

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