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Born: March 29, 1918
Death date: April 05, 1992
Occupation: Entrepreneur
Education: University of Missouri

Sam "Mr. Sam" Walton

Sam married Helen Robson in 1943. Sam gained early retail experience and started to operate his own variety store. In 1950, Sam and his family moved to Bentonville, where Sam opened Walton's 5&10 on the downtown square. Helen wanted a small town living, so they choose Bentonville. He was inspired by the early succes of his own dime store and wanted to bring greater opportunity and value to his customers. Sam opened the first Wal-Mart in 1962 in Roger Kansas.

"I had to pick myself up and get on with it, do it all over again, olny even better"

Sam is very confident that he is going to make it better for himself even know he failed. He also believes that he will do it himself which means he is depending on his self. He believes that if he gets up instead of sitting around, it won't make it any better. If he gets up and tries to make it better than it was. 

"Why did Sam Walton succeed when so many others under similar circumstances have failed?  It all started with his unique vision, and his never say die attitude.  He was an optimist and a risk-taker, who enjoyed challenging the status quo.  He didn’t like to do things the way everyone else was doing them.  He wasn’t afraid to challenge traditional ways and means, and in fact he enjoyed being perceived as a maverick.  He gravitated towards people who would speak their mind, and challenge his way of thinking.  He would admit that he was headstrong but he was fair, and he enjoyed debating with others the best way to do things.  More than anything Sam Walton was a risk-taker who encouraged the people around him to also take risks.  He was the first to admit that when he took risks in those early days he failed nine out of ten times!  He was quick to point out that it was that one out of ten times when he succeeded that made all of those other failures worthwhile!  How many of us would accept that level of failure in our own work or the work of those around us?  Sam Walton believed that in any business the path to finding the sustainable competitive advantage is by going in a different, or even the opposite direction, that everyone traditionally goes.  That’s what he did, and that’s how he succeeded when others under similar circumstances have failed (5)." Sam Walton is confidence, self reliance and non-conformist. He was confident in all the things that he did because he has the never say never attitude. He was always taking risk and challenging others. Also, he doesn't like doing things the way others do it, doesn't wait on someone else to get the job done and doesn't like to follow what they do. He wants to go his own way and not someone else’s.

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