Canterbury Tales Project

On this exciting season of The Real World meet Lawrence. Lawrence an inspiring florist, he might be 22 and has a good heart but he’s still as childish as a 12 year old that loves Chuck Norris. Never having any friends or a real relationship because he’s so harsh, like a satanic purist on christianity. He worked so hard to be valedictorian of his high school class, almost losing his sanity. He loves manatees and showering 3 times a day, and he can’t deny listening to The Fray. Coming from a bad background of doing drugs and being in and out of rehab, he can’t help but to find a real job other than driving a taxicab. He may be quite harsh, but everything he says is very true. When Lawerence was younger he had an obsession with eating glue. He used to chew chew chew, and bubbles he blew. He loves to go out to the lake with all people and tube.Wanting to be apart of the crowd, he’s always very obnoxious, loud, and rude. Auditioning over and over to be on the show, he’s wanting to make sure that he finds a new beau. He loves saying the phrase fo’ sho’, to show his gangster side. But it’s his asian background that he wants to hide. Usually he’s a pretty fly guy, unless he’s high. On The Real World, he wants to spy on all of his roommates and figure out their secrets. Maybe he’ll find out that one or two used to be a bandits.He has an open mind coming into the house, but he’s going to be as sneaky as a mouse. He tried to bring his sister on the show with him, he’s also afraid of jumping into the pool to swim. He really loves fishing for Brim. Lawrence wants to be outgoing and fun hoping that he will find his new hun. His parents aren’t too happy for him to go. He’s used to growing up in the snow. His favorite song is Let Me Go. He had a bad accident and is missing a toeHe is going to miss one of his best friends, Joe. But, he thinks the experiences are going to be great on the show. He thinks he can cook but all he can make is a mean sloppy joe. The negative will be behind him and gone without a trace, let’s just hope that he isn’t a two - face. The town of Houston won’t know what’s coming, he will try to spend a lot of time on the guitar strumming. He enjoys Rock Band and loves drumming. Lawrence will not be afraid to share that he was the King at homecoming. He should arrive at the house around or after two. But, what everyone is yet to figure out is that he has a secret too good to be true. Watch this season of The Real World to find out that he’s actually afraid of the color blue.

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