Edgar Allan Poe

Edgar Allen Poe was born on January 19, 1809. He was a very successful writer with a very hard life.  During his early childhood his mother had past away and his father had already left the family. After they left the Allan family took him in. They had no kids so they were happy to take Edgar into the family. By the age of 6 Edgar new how to read most of the Latin language. Later they sent him to a wonderful college called University of Virginia. But towards the end of the school year the Allan's wouldn't pay the debt and so he could not attend the school anymore. After his schooling he moved many times. But the major move was to New York. He lived there for 2 years making many accomplishments.  He published a new book but was not favored with the public. Then he went to Baltimore to live with his aunt Marie Poe Clem who was already caring for Poe brother William. But after a few months William had died. But he still strived to be a writer got a job in Baltimore Magazine as a contributor. He wrote 83 reviews 4 essay 6 poems and 3 story's. So all of the hard work Edgar had done was accomplished.

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