These Unusual Bingo Cards are Created Out of Bingo's Versatility

Bingo game was able to survive through the years mainly because of its versatility. It can be modified to suit age and purpose. Since the day it was invented, bingo game has been played by generations and still going strong as the world's favorite pastime game. A bingo game comes with bingo cards with standard 5 by 5 grid with bingo numbers from 1 to 75 spread out on each square per grid. Today, we see a lot of versatility in bingo cards that both children and adults enjoy playing bingo with. Since bingo cards can be tweaked in many different ways, it results to seeing a lot of unusual bingo cards and here are some of them.

Comic bingo card

The layout is the same five by five grid but without the numbers unlike traditional bingo cards used in many bingo sites listed in Instead, each square is filled with illustrations of comic icons that any die-hard comic fan can easily identify. Imagine seeing green monster The Hulk, Harry Potter's famous wand, comics’ villains and more.

Harry Potter bingo card

Harry Potter's fans would die for this card that has five by five grid and on each square is an image or illustration from Harry Potter's series. Playing bingo with this card will test how much you're hooked to Harry’s adventures.

Celebrity bingo cards

The cards have faces of iconic personality and depending on the niche such as Entertainment, Literature, Music, Sports, etc. Playing with these cards test how much you know on the lives of important and celebrated personalities.

TV/Movie show bingo card

The card has images and phrases made famous by TV shows or movies. The card also bears logo of the company that made the TV or movie to add bits of excitement. Variations include products associated with the movie or TV show.

Unusual bingo cards are a delightful thing to see if you're a big bingo fan however, such bingo cards can't be found in bingo sites and can't be played the way you play regular bingo. They're best to have when you want to challenge friends and families and at the same time have fun playing bingo.

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