European Countries : Iceland

By: Joshua H.

Iceland's Location in the World

Longitude and Latitude

65.00° N, and 18.00° W

Physical Geography of Iceland

This is Iceland's landscape, it is very mountainous and hilly.

Iceland is large and an arctic desert. It has many kinds of land forms such as:

- Mountains

- Glaciers

- Geysers

- Hot Springs

- Volcanoes

- Waterfalls

Most of the vegetation and farms are located on the coast of Iceland. This is the part that is flat and grassy. The glaciers take up 4,600 square miles of Iceland and is closer to  the arctic ocean. The highest point of Iceland is the Hvannadalshnukur a peak near a volcano called, Öræfajökull Volcano, which is 6,922 feet from the lowest point of Iceland. Here is a little fun fact, did you know the Eyjafjallajökull Volcano erupted for the first time on March 21, 2010 since 1821. The ash cloud canceled many flights across Iceland from other countries in Europe.  

Timeline of Important Events Through History

- 850-875 - The first viking settlers arrive.

- 930 - The government starts.

- 1200s - Icelanders create Old Norse.

- 1600s - Pirates raid the countries coast.

- 1975 - Iceland bans foreign fisherman from Iceland.

- 2003 - They do their first whale hunt within 15 years.

- 2010 - Eyjafjallajokull erupts.

National Sports

Handball is Iceland's national sport including, swimming, football, volleyball, and tennis. Basketball is Iceland's least most popular sport. They also do chess and horseback riding. They also have professional go-carting.  Handball is a combination of basketball, soccer, and volleyball. The ball gets down the court by passing but you can dribble. In handball they call point-guards, big-shooters.  The goals of the court are to soccer goals.

This is the ball they use in handball. It is 16 ounces (13 ounces for womem). It is as big as a cantaloupe and is shaped like a soccerball.

Iceland's Government

Politics of Iceland takes place in a framework parliamentary representative democratic republic. Iceland has a Prime Minister and is the head of the government. It is the world's oldest parliamentary democracy. The Prime Minister is Sigmundur Davíð Gunnlaugsson. He has been Prime Minister since 2013.  

Population of Iceland

The Population is 328,159. Click this link for other populations of Iceland.

Iceland's National Anthem

Iceland's Language

Iceland's official language is Icelandic, a northern Germanic language once from Old Norse. The language has changed a little since people have started speaking Icelandic. A little part of Iceland also speaks English.  


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