The Day The Gulf Changed
(A Historical Fiction Story Project)
By: Amber M.

Hi, my name is Connie Ray. My family has a restaurant down at the beach. Our restaurant is well- known for our famous salmon, that we get from the Gulf of Mexico. A week ago today. April 20, 2010. The day the oil spill broke out in the Gulf of Mexico. It went all out from Louisiana to Florida. We get loads of customers almost every night. The oil spill started a week ago, and since then lots of fish and sea animals are getting injured and the oil is harming up the ocean. Including salmon. The town mayor doesn't want people out catching fish because of the oil. But we get shipments of fish over from the west coast.

The gulf spill has affected lots of our families lives who lived towards the gulf. We like to swim alot in the ocean, but all we do is have to wait,and clean up around the shore. When a big wave comes to shore, you can see all the oil mixed into the water, and sometimes we see even see fish that wash up onto the shore that had died from the oil.

"Connie!" my mom had yelled, "  Get ready!  We leave in five minutes."

Today we were volunteering to clean up all the trash and oil from the shore. We also volunteered to clean up any birds or sea creatures that were filthy in oil.

As I ran outside, and got into the car my mom started driving to the grocery store, she had also been signed up to bring this special soap, and thick gloves to clean up the oil residue.

We found a baby brown pelican that was crying for help at the shore, my mother and I had gotten a towel to pick it up and left it into a sink with warm water. I had to put the soap we had bought onto its body  and had to massaged it,  so we could at least get most of the oil off. Then I had to use warm water to wash off the soap, and oil.

As my mother was driving us home, I was very curious as to what was going to happen to our reststaurant. Were we gonna make alot less business than before? Now that the mayor doesnt want us fishing out.

Two volunteeres cleaning off the oil from a brown pelican.

My family and I were eating at the dinner table when my dad says  

"How was volunteering today?"

"It was so cool! We found a pelican who was covered with oil, and I got to wash it." I had said excitingly.

It was the next day and my mom and I were on our way to the lab when we got a call from the lab,  there had been a lot of different birds that had been looking for help on shore. We rushed into the lab to see all this chaos. Different people trying to clean off the oil from the animals. We quickly put on out equipment and rushed to a tub. They had brought out a baby duck. We quickly got ready filled the tub with warm water and they had brought out the duck out to us. It was draped in oil! We quickly tried to get the oil when the bird had died..

The owners of the lab had told us that we had to keep the duck in a box until they had to dispose of it. We had made a decorated box in its memory and put it into there. It was obviously a sad day for all us, but we saved a lot of animals also.

A week later our restaurant has more customers, thanks to the people who have helped to clean the ocean from the oil!

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