Colby's Music Memory List

W.C Handy

W.C.Handy Born 1875.He died in 1958.He is father of the blues.He grew up in Alabama with his mother and father.They were very poor.William worked many old jobs to save money to save money every week to buy a guitar. He bought a guitar.

Handy had got very little money for Memphis Blues.He was 40 years old and had a growing family to help.He was determined to write a song and publish it which was a good thing then he started to write “St. Louis Blues immediately.The song seemed to write it self. He earned over $4,000 for a new song.He continued writing music and published blues songs.He was now Father of the Blues. He wrote all the blues music.They made a movie of his life when he was 84. He was to sick and weak to go to the theater.He watched it in his home.But handy lost his sight so he could not see.He told a reporter,he wanted to make his country realize that the spirit of the black people is the spirit of America.  

Carl Orff

  • Born in Germany
  • Created Orff instruments for elementary music classrooms
  • His music school was bombed during World war II-thankfully the school was closed
  • Composed during the Modern period
  • Founded a school that focused on movement and music
  • Carmina Burana is his most famous

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