Post Card Assignment

Dominic Leon

December 21st 1663

To: Paris, France

From: Lot 6, New France

Dearest Mother, it is I, Jean Bon, your youngest son. I miss you Mother, and hope all is well. I hope you and the brothers are doing better than I am. New France is a challenging place, and is hard to adapt to. We are in the middle of winter and living conditions are as harsh as ever. My main goal for this winter season is to stay warm, and stay alive. I still have some crop stored from last season's harvest and I am having luck hunting at the moment so we should be good for food. I have met Indians here which was shocking--I have never seen anything like them before. My relationship with them depends on the tribe. Some tribes are welcoming and trade with us, while others are violent and attack us. I was more afraid to meet the Indians than your grandchildren Henri and Francois were. They must be children of the New World! My children and their mother, your daughter-in-law Marie, have been very good with this new life and are a great help to me around the farm. Having plenty of land is something I have always dreamed of, and I am determined to one day be able to call this land my own. Overall the New France experience has been challenging in so many ways, but I am looking forward to the day we will be comfortable here. Writing to you makes me realize how much I miss home and family. I hope to hear from you soon Mother.

Love- Jean Bon

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