What do people say about Drunk Drivers?
                            By:Faith Tausch

Just think about it. Hundreds of Mothers, Fathers, Sons, Daughters, Grandmas, Grandpas, Husbands, and Wife's. All gone in a matter of minutes, seconds.

Why? Why would someone want to keep drinking and then drive home after what they have done over and over again? What is making them fearless? Well knowing that they don't have to bad of punishments does not help.

What happens to the people who do get injured? Well they get rushed to the hospital. The doctors and nurses at the hospital hopping that they can make sure they do all they can to keep them alive. Nobody can really do anything just the doctors, rushing them into surgery.

This 23 year old man was my cousin. Marcos Gonzales. We are very close and knowing that me and my family almost lost him was scary. We did everything we could to try to get the man who hit my cousin at least sometime in jail. Well the only thing he got was one night in jail and a month probation. He nearly killed a man and got nothing. The police took his license away and tolled him if he did this two more times then he MAY have some bigger consequences. We asked what would have happened if he had killed my cousin and they tolled us he would get a year in jail. Maybe more if he was under 21 but he wasn't. We also found out that if you are a veteran than you get 5 warnings! You can't really be safe anywhere outside anymore. Why don't we have a more strict law about this? Just think what if my cousin was you? What would you want, what would you do?


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