Solved For A Time

Isn't it great? How you and I

Can settle our differences, win, lose, tie?

And clearly stand, side by side,

If only for a moment.

How one people can do

Just the things they want to

And put to rest their nobodies, too

In hopes to calm their torment.

The will and strength to succeed,

Why, that is all we'd ever need,

If we had that, then maybe

They'd excuse our crime.

But alas, the thoughts of many,

Did not save them a single penny,

But a world to better places, a dummy

Is but solved for a time.

In home, at work, no play is heard,

The price of growing is a new yard

Teeming with life, a young one starts

While playing in the dirt.

The cock crows, the time passes

And suddenly the yard is vanished

The house built upon it touching the sky

The feelings of the earth are hurt.

You will not find the family there,

They shook the hands, the bankers care,

A law avoided as they all glare,

And laugh at their crime,

But forfeiting their generous earnings

To care for another nobody's burning

Desire for a yard, the tables turning,

It's all just solved for a time.