Oil Spill Project

How did you Approach The Problem?

I wanted to make sure that when I divided the spill; I made it super easy as possible. I did this by making the squares and triangles as big as I could. That away I would have to do less measuring and have more time to work on the tack.

My Work

The Total Area is 29,765

I got this by dividing my oil spill into triangles and rectangles. Then from there I found there area and added the areas up.

Is Your Answer the exact Area?

Absolutely not, this is just a estimate of what the real answer would be. Because I wasn't dealing with exact rectangles and triangles.

How Accurate do you think you Are?

I think my answer is on the right track. Now obviously it's not exact but I think it is right around the answer. I would however expect the answer to be higher because I did round my answers to the nearest ones place.

The End