Tips for surviving in the Arabian Peninsula


*In the desert, Use camels as transportation, they make traveling easier and faster.

*Wear loose fitting long gowns and cotton headdresses because that will protect you from dust, heat, and flies.

*If you can find a Bedouin, they can raise sheep, goats, and camels while migrating through the desert.


*In an oases, you can use palm trees for many things, like shade and wood.

*There are many towns and you can trade goods with nomads for other goods.

*If you need water, you can make deep wells to catch water for many uses.

Coastal Plains:

*In coastal plains, you can use trees for frankincense and myrrh.

*There is good land for farming (grains, fruits, and vegetables) because of the regular rain it has.


*In the mountains, you can make dams and have irrigation systems and storage of rainwater.

*You can use ashes and manure as fertilizer. And you can Terrence farm with the fertilizer.  

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