Workout Headbands

Options for unruly workout hair

Sweaty Bands

  • Fashionable styles, colors, prints, themes
  • No slipping! Felt inside keeps fine hair in check.  We tested: it stays put!
  • Thick and thin options: choose what suits you best.

The Buff  Headband

  • Seamless multifunctional headwear
  • Protects outdoor athletes from the environment
  • Like the headbands? Check out the scarves and gloves!


  • Simple and disposable way to keep down fly-aways
  • Inexpensive: buy in a variety of colors and patterns, and save!
  • Injured? Pre-wrap doubles as a wrap for athletic injuries

Halo Hairbands

  • Absorbs and blocks sweat
  • Non-slip gripping fibers
  • Your guy an athlete? Grab a guy's headband for him, too.