Tackk 6: Similarities  

Similarity 1:  I think one of the biggest connections was with the stereotypes. This is true for both of these stories.  For Junior, his family was poor, his whole reservation was poor.  In Smoke Signals, Thomas even says that they don't need money on the reservation.  This is because every one is so poor that it doesn't matter anyways.  They are able to get by with what the little stuff that they have.

Similarty 2: Another connection was with alcoholism.  Both Junior, and Victor's dads were alcoholics.  A lot of their family members were too.  People in both the book and the movie have died by alcohol.  In the book, Eugene was killed by a drunk driver.  In Smoke Signals, Thomas' parents were killed by a house fire, that was started by a Victor's father, who was drunk.

Similarity 3:  They wanted to show that they could do something right, and that they could be as good as the whites are.