Bird Tweet

This site will show you how to use and get around the web site Bird Tweet

Bird Tweet

Bird Tweet is a site where you can talk about birds and all different kinds of birds. You can see if birds are going extinct or if they are endangered.

How To

You may ask how to use this site. To sign up for this site all you have to do is sign up with your email and put in what you want your username to be. When you put in your email we send emails to you if you got a reply or one of your friends posts a picture. Also you can change your name at any time. You can also put a password on if you want to. To add friends all you need to do is hit friends list then hit add new. Then type in your friends username then hit add. They have to accept it though.To share a photo with people is to hit share a photo and click on a photo or you can take a picture right then. Then it says post or send to a friend click on one of those and your picture pops up. Only people on your friends list can see your photos so no stranger can.To see your friends photos hit people photos and they will pop up on the screen.To like a photo on of your friends posted there will be a little button on the bottom right that says like or comment. You hit that button and if it worked a bird will pop up and fly across the screen then you will know you liked there photo.


If you are caught by staff disrespecting another person on this site you will be punished by getting banned and never being able to join the site again. This site is used for having fun and showing people cool kinds of birds. Also if you curse you will get a warning.You will only get 3 warnings.If you post something inappropriate you will not be able to log onto the site anymore.

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