maddie aikmus

There were many inventions during the time of industrial revolution, but one invention that changed the world was the steam engines.  The first steam powered engine was introduced 1698. Then in 1712 Thomas Newswomen improved it. Although it was an improvement, it had many faults, including wasted heat and fuel. The steam engines improved the world by being able to travel faster, transporting goods quicker and also transporting animals. Coal was used to power the engine, and to make iron. Iron was used to improve machines and tools, and to also build bridges and ships. So not only was the train easier to use than walking or traveling by horseback, it helped produce iron, which helped build other things that we still use today, tools and bridges.  the train (steam boat) helped and still helps the world today transporting goods all around our world. that is just one of the many inventions that had a great impact on our world. this is how inventions helped the industrial revolution.

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