Internet Safety - William Lawrey

   Today I'll be teaching you internet safety.

Number one rule, never give away your passwords, address, name, age, date of birth, or anything similar.

Second rule is to report any creeps or bullies that are online. We don't need them in our way while we're talking to our besties.

Third rule is to be nice to people, but don't let them get to close. If you don't know them in real life, don't tell them about yourself, family, or friends.

Fourth rule. Never, and when I say I never, I mean NEVER give away your passwords. Even if it's your best friend from school, or your neighbor that you always hang out with. Don't give them your password. Okay?!

Moving on to number five. Last but not least, don't keep the same username for different websites. (i.e. doglover22 on Instagram, Twitter, games, etc.)

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