Mobile Learning Apps.

5 Mobile Apps for an Elementary Classroom

Why Mobile Learning?

Animation Creator HD Lite!

Students can create their own animations. Students are able to create their own characters and add their own audio. Children can create stories and develop graphic novel style animations. Because of the high frame rate, playback is fast, smooth, and lifelike.

Journal Jar

Students are randomly assigned a writing prompt. This application allows the students an opportunity to write creatively from randomly generated prompts. Check out the video below! Location Based Audio Guides

Students are able to create and share their own audio guides. allows the students an opportunity to create a guided tour of somewhere in a city or even within a school. Click the button below to go to!


Fotobabble is a photo capturing app that allows students an opportunity to take pictures, and write what the picture is about. iTunes Store listed the following benefits of using Fotobabble:

- Capture photos and audio from concerts, parties, and family events
- Send real-time Talking Postcards to friends from your travel
- Create holiday and birthday greetings personalized with your photo, your voice
- Share stories with your fans and audience on Facebook, Twitter or you blog or website

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VoiceThread is a mobile app that allows students the ability to create conversations around pictures, documents, videos, and more. Students can share their work with others for an engaging, digital experience. iTunes store lists the features as:

-Add images and videos from your camera or photo library.
-Flip through pages and annotate them while you narrate.
-Sharing is as easy as sending an email.
-Use your VT account if you have one -- just sign in and all your threads will be there.
-Access the extensive catalog of content created on

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