I didn't do it

By Gracie Farmer

Have you ever been accused of something you didn't do? Well, I sure have and it's not fun.

  Hi my name is kate and I am in middle school and I hate my school. Do you want to know why I hate my school? Well that's because I got accused of something I didn't do and I got in huge trouble for "trashing the schools library" . So let me tell you that story of how I got accused for something I didn't do.

So it all started when I wanted to get a book from the library. I was walking to the library and as I walked in it look liked a tornado went through the whole place. Books, shelfs, everything was knocked down and I didn't see a teacher or librarian in there so I was very confused and a little scared. Then I see two guys walk up to me that I have never seen before. They were wearing all black and scary mask that you would see people wearing on Halloween. One guy was pretty short and the other guy was super tall. I couldn't see what their faces looked like because they were wearing mask. The tall guy said to me "hold this bat and this book and DO NOT MOVE." I had no time to think so I just said ok.  As soon as I crabed the book they ran out of the window. So I was just standing there alone, scared, confused and didn't know what to do. I heard banging on the door so I went to walk up to the door and teachers and the principal rushed through the doors. They just looked at me like I have just committed a crime . "What are you doing!? You have trashed the whole library!!!" Said mr. Clark the princibal. "Do you understand how much trouble you are in?!" Mrs. Duncan screamed at me. "B-but I didn't d-" "Your trying to say you didn't do it!? There is a bat and a book in your hand! Come to my office now!"

As I was walking to the office with Mr. Clark I was so scared. I knew I was about to get in so much trouble for something I didn't do and I had no idea how to exsplain it to him without sounding like I'm lying.  "Sit down kate" said Mr. Clark " Yes sir I-" "No, I don't want you to say a word"  Mr.clark interrupted. "So kate I know you are a great kid that makes great grades and you are always doing the right thing...well I thought you were. I just understand why you would do something like this." Well now I guess I have no choice but to tell him what really happened. "Wait, Mr.clark I didn't trash the library. I was just going to get a book at the library and two guys with mask on just came and put a bat and a book in my hand to make it look like I did it." "Haha nice one kate. How could I believe that?" Mr Clark said laughing like it was a total joke. So I just sat there and wait for him to tell me what my punishment is because the truth isn't helping and if I argue with him I will get in even more trouble. "Well for the rest of the year you will have to organize all the books in the library, clean the lunch room, and have detention every Saturday for two months" I can't believe this I have to go to school and do nothing on the weekends for two months!  

Well I need to find out who really did this because I don't want to be doing someone's dirty work for the rest of the year. All I know about these kids is that one is short and the other is tall. That's it, that's all I have. Wait I think I got it. I should ask the the main office lady Mrs.Jen if I could check the security camera in the school to see if the camera got them walking into the school. Me and Mrs.jen are pretty close and I feel like I can tell her anything.

"Hey Mrs.jen!" I said as I walked in to the office. "Hey Kate! Shouldn't you be in class?"  She said looking surprised "Well yes but I need to ask you some thing important. I can trust you right?"  "Of course you can!" She said looking happy "Do you think I could check the security cameras to see if I can find out who walked in before the trashing in the library happened because I didn't do it and I don't have any proof that I didn't do it." I said looking nervous  "I believe you Kate, I know you wouldn't do something like that. So yes I will let you check but you can not tell anyone about this."

Mrs.Jen turned on the TV to show all of the hall ways. I was actually kinda nervous about this because what if we don't find anything , then she will think I was lying the whole time

When I saw the hall way that goes to the library I asked her if she could rewind it to the day of the trashing. As we were watching I couldn't believe what I was see. I saw a short guy and a tall guy but the tall guy was Mr. Clark's son. How would I tell Mr.clark that his son did the trashing?. Mrs.Jen just had a surprised look on her face. "We have to show Mr.clark this so I won't have to do all of his son and his friends dirty work for the rest of the year"   "Your right we must show him the tape"

Me and Mrs. Jen went to Mr.clark office. "Hello Mr.Clark we need to show you something very important the we saw on the security camera" Said mrs.Jen   "Alright then show me"  . As his son and his friend popped up on the screen he had the most surprised look on his face.  "Kate I guess you weren't lying you really didn't do it." " I guess we know who will be doing all of that dirty work now".

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